What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese medicine, also known as Kampo in Japan, is a major aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Chinese medicine uses a variety of herbs you may have heard of such as astragalus, ginkgo, ginseng and green tea in different combinations to restore balance to the body.  There are more than 3200 herbs, mineral and animal extracts used in more than 400 different chinese medicinal formulas, containing on average 2-15 different  ingredients. These formulas can be taken in the form of teas, powders, pills, tinctures or syrups. Chinese medicinals are used to treat the underlying root of the disease verses western medicine utilizing pharmaceuticals to treat disease, relieving you of symptoms but not addressing the root cause of the disease.  Many modern pharmaceuticals are manufactured by extracting specific constituents from herbs, animals and insects which are then synthesized into drugs making them very powerful.  These powerful drugs, such as antibiotics, are often necessary and save lives, but also cause imbalance in the body; in the case of antibiotics, often manifesting as digestive disorders or yeast infections which can lead to more imbalance and illness.

What Can Chinese Medicinals Treat?

Chinese medicinals can treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions, varying from the common cold, digestive disorders, hormone and endocrine disorders, gynecological conditions and the side effects from cancer treatment and other drugs.  You can also use chinese medicinals  to minimize negative side effects caused by drugs that are necessary to treat your condition.

Are Chinese Medicinals Safe?

The short answer is YES!  Most are, especially when prescribed properly. The majority of herbal formulas have little to no side effects when prescribed by a licensed practitioner for your specific condition. If you rely on misinformation from someone who is not adequately trained and licensed to practice Chinese Medicine you run the risk of potentially harmful, deleterious effects from improper herb combinations, dosing and unreliable companies producing herbs containing contaminants.  After studying the effects of psychoactive drugs and environmental toxins I can attest to the fact that anything you put into your body must be filtered through your body.  Always seek professional advice by a practitioner licensed in Chinese Herbal Medicine before taking herbal supplements.

What Should I expect from a Herbal Consultation?

At Wise we typically ask about your condition and symptoms, give an examination focusing on feeling your pulse in three different positions on both wrists and evaluating the color, texture and other aspects of the tongue. Feeling the pulse and evaluating the different aspects of the tongue is like an X-ray into the body allowing the practitioner to understand what specifically is causing the imbalance in your body and allowing for a more accurate diagnosis.

What Chinese Herbal Medicinal Products does ‘Wise’ use? 

Wise Acupuncture only uses the highest quality herbal supplements made by reputable companies that are produced in GMP Certified facilities that test for contaminants to ensure the quality and consistency of the herbal product.

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Herbal Consultation

Herbal Consultations at Wise Acupuncture consist of an in depth health history evaluation in order to find out the best way to treat your condition.  We can customize a chinese medicinal formula (herbs) for your specific condition.  If you would like to seek an alternative treatment for what ails you without or without acupuncture, make an appointment for an herbal consultation.  Chinese medicinals are whole and complete, unlike vitamins and supplements that you can purchase over the counter.  Chinese herbs have a complex syngeristic effect that balances the body.  Think of it as eating a concentrated super food.  Whole and complete nutrients that feed your body so that it may heal.