About Wise Wellness Nutrition

Whole Foods & Eastern Nutrition Therapy

Chinese medicinals and acupuncture are usually of secondary therapeutic importance when it comes to treating disease.  Proper nutrition is the first line of defense.  In order for the patient to be healthy and well their diet and lifestyle have to be correctly adjusted.  Often this can be the most challenging part of getting well especially here in the West.  The standard American diet is highly processed and highly addictive.  As we consume more sugar, fat and salt every year the rates of obesity and chronic disease also rise.  I believe that the majority of all chronic disease could be avoided if we corrected our diets.  What we consume and put in our mouths is one thing we have control over yet seems to be one of the most difficult aspects of our life to get under control.

At ‘Wise’ we understand how difficult it is to sift through the confusing information out there about what to eat or not to eat.  Should we eat eggs this week or are eggs out due to their cholesterol content?  Should I be gluten-free or vegetarian…is that the most healthy way to eat?  These are all great questions that I hear frequently.  ‘Wise’ believes in getting back to basics.  Taking a step backward and thinking about what life was like before the technology boom and industrialized agricultural systems were in place.

How Can ‘Wise’ Help Your Nutrition Goals?

With my background in Behavior analysis I have come up with successful “Diet and Lifestyle Modification” plans to help you not only learn what to eat in order to lose weight or address a particular disease but how to be educated and empower you to be healthy for life.  Changing any habit takes time and can be difficult.  You can be significantly more successful in achieving your goals when you have someone by your side guiding you through the most challenging aspects of changing those behaviors to achieve optimal health!


Nutrition Services

Acupuncture for Weight Loss Package

At Wise Acupuncture we know how difficult it can be to stick with a weight loss program.  This is why we offer not just a diet plan, in addition to acupuncture and herbs, we teach you the skills needed to eat a healthy whole foods diet for life.  You will weigh in each week, take body measurements along with one acupuncture treatment and herbs (herbs will be discussed on an individual basis with additional cost) for 8 weeks.  We will discuss diet modification and the tools needed to stick to your new whole foods weight loss plan.  Please write down everything you eat and drink for 3 days (include one weekend day) and bring this with you to your first appointment.  

One-on-one (60-90 minutes)

This personalized nutrition consultation focuses on whole food nutrition as well as using food to heal disease according to eastern nutrition. Specific food items, menu options, and healthy food preparation will be discussed.  How to eat seasonally, how to identify and avoid food additives, chemicals and preservatives as well as portion control education will be provided. This session also includes a review of your most recent blood work in order to address specific nutritional deficiencies. Current medications and supplements are also reviewed and specific recommendations for vitamins and supplements will be made.  Our health coach Morgyn will follow-up with a phone call one week after your initial session to keep you on track.

In Home Evaluation & Transformation (60 minutes) $149

Living a healthier life and eating cleaner can be a challenge.  Even though many people are ready to make dietary changes for their health, they can feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.  This in-home makeover will help you purge unhealthy foods, cookware, body-products and household items that are unhealthy and potentially harmful.  We can help you choose healthier, greener options that are good for you, your family and the environment.

Review of Medications & Supplements: (60-90 minutes)

Interactions between medications, supplements, herbs and vitamins can be dangerous.  Even though a substance is natural, it doesn’t mean that it is safe, especially when mixed with pharmaceuticals. All medicine, even natural, must be administered and dosed according to standard guidelines.  Many supplements on the market are made via a substandard process using fillers and other additives, making them less therapeutic and possibly dangerous.  This can be a concern for those taking over-the-counter supplements.  A personalized review of medications and supplements will minimize the risk of toxicity or serious side effects and allow you to receive the maximum benefit of all supplements you are currently taking.

Personalized Grocery Shopping Experience (120 minutes)

Even when you are inspired to live a healthier lifestyle and make better food choices, it is easy to become overwhelmed when shopping for groceries.  There are many so-called healthy options that are not healthy at all.  This one-on-one grocery shopping session can help you feel confident about stocking up your fridge and choosing the healthiest foods.  You will learn how to read food labels, what chemicals and preservatives to avoid and how to identify processed ingredients.  Our goal is to educate you to make healthy nutritional and lifestyle changes that are not just temporary but will last for life.