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Acupuncture pain clinic in Kalamazoo

Acupuncture pain clinic in Kalamazoo

Treat pain naturally

Are you limited by pain?

If the answer is yes, consider visiting our pain clinic in Kalamazoo, MI.

We all suffer from pain at times in our lives; neck pain, lower back pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, or pain from injuries or arthritis.

Studies have shown that acupuncture can provide powerful natural results for both acute and chronic pain and is often more effective than pain medications.

Treating pain is one of our superpowers, and we look forward to providing you with pain relief.

Natural Pain Relief in Kalamazoo

We are fortunate to live in a time where medical pain relief is quickly accessible and can be very effective. But if your pain lasts more than a few days, weeks, or months, the pain medications themselves can cause additional problems and addiction.

Acupuncture has given thousands of years of effective natural treatment for pain relief, standalone, or with other treatments and is now accepted and widely used to complement Western Medicine.

Our clients in our pain clinic in Kalamazoo/Portage come to with varying degrees of pain, from mild to severe. Whether you are treating a recent injury or a chronic pain condition, we will assess your pain, then tailor and target your treatment to get right to the source.

What kind of pain is acupuncture good for?

Acupuncture is used to treat many types of health conditions, but I believe that treating pain is what acupuncture does BEST!

In our Kalamazoo pain clinic, we treat all kinds of pain: lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, neuropathy, pain associated with autoimmune disease, nerve pain, muscle pain, arm pain, mid-back pain, arthritis pain. We treat ALL pain!

Our aim is to reduce your pain, and for many people, to eliminate your pain altogether.

Pain clinic in Kalamazoo

Welcome to our pain clinic in Kalamazoo! Treating pain is our superpower.


Our promise as health providers…

At Wise Wellness Center, we genuinely care about our patients. We will always provide you with a realistic prognosis, steer you in the right direction and connect you with other healthcare providers when needed. We want you feeling better no matter what, and will provide you with the best care possible.

What happens in a pain management session?

We use a combination of therapies for pain relief in our pain clinic in Kalamazoo, depending on your needs on that day. As well as traditional acupuncture, we may use:

  • Electro acupuncture

    (a machine that produces a mild electrical current attached to the acupuncture needles with clips)

  • Tui Na

    (an eastern form of acupressure and manipulation)

  • Application of warming techniques

    (such as herbal oils, herbal patches, and moxibustion)

  • We also offer a continuous process of education

    on lifestyle choices tailored to you as an individual.

Don’t let pain stop you from living a full life.

We are committed to helping you reduce or eliminate your pain.

Book for pain treatment today!


How long does an pain management session last?

A typical pain management session in our pain clinic can last an hour, depending on the type of treatment you are receiving.

Do you accept insurance for pain treatment?

Yes, we do accept insurance. Please have your insurance verified prior to booking your pain management appointment.

Is your acupuncture covered by insurance?

What should I bring to my first pain management session?

For your fist visit to the pain management clinic in Kalamazoo. Bring your imaging and medical reports.

If you have X-Rays, MRIs or any other type of imaging, please bring them and any medical reports to your first session. The more information we can get, the more precise your treatment will be, and the more realistic we can be about your prognosis.

What should I wear to a pain treatment session?

Most acupuncture points are below your knees or elbows, therefore we will need easy access to these areas as well as the area of focus for pain relief.

We recommend you wear loose and comfortable clothing like short sleeve shirts, loose tops and bottoms, so we can pull your clothing over these areas.

For extra privacy, or if your clothing doesn't provide easy access we also have drapes, so don’t worry, you won’t be left naked on the table!

How many sessions of acupuncture do I need for pain relief?

The number of sessions you need in our pain clinic will depend on your general health, how long you have had the condition, and if it is chronic or acute pain.

We treat pain twice a week for three weeks and then we reassess. One round is 12 sessions, and some people need more than one round. It is rare but some people just need one treatment! So, it really depends on what is causing the pain.

I don’t like needles. How can I do acupuncture?

If you are new to acupuncture, the term “needles” may put you off. But fear not!

While technically they are needles, they are so incredibly thin that you will barely notice them. Most patients do not feel them at all, and so far, no one has ever run away!

I use them on my 3-year-old twins without complaint. If they can handle it, so can you!